Travels – Halfway summary

It marks the end of my first half of the travels. Also the most hectic one.

During the next week or so, I will be posting parts from each place I was visiting, as I need to edit and brush up the writing so that it flows better. Stay tuned, and read on for a halfway status diary blog!

I´ve have had 1 crunch, started up with 2-3 projects, infected tooth, mountain walking, preseting among the sleep at gamecity, marioke(like Karaoke, but way more fun), fractured a rib while travelling, lots of emails, skype, slack chat, cats, a spiritual dog, plenty of beds, plenty of great times with friends, new and old, frustrations, mostly loose plans that is really handy for travelling, watched interstellar, I´ve smiled and laughed alot, ate probably too much hamburgers and too little soup for my tooths well being, I´ve worn down 1 pair of pants and 2 pairs of socks, missed norway, become dutch(hint: raw herring) and am the king of a certian dutch activity to do, I´ve been horrible at writing letters, taking photographs and skyping with friends back home. I really want to improve that part<3

I have loved it so far, and most interesting is that I have not really felt like I´ve been away from home. The time I´ve spent with others has been nothing but positive and creative and beautiful, and then I really do not feel the need to be home yet, except for I got friends and family I miss:)

On working away from work:

I have been working while travelling this time. I do audio and music for games mostly, and I brought with me an old and new macbook pro, the old one in case I needed some specific program/backup, the new one for my main work. Travelling for awhile I kept to a very strict minimum. A small carry on, a backpack for my main computer and a small rucksack for easier movement while I am doing short walks and such. I brought a h4n Zoom recorder, the typical headphone DT770 which is a good and affordable all-arounder, a HD with projects and a HD with sound design. For location, I needed to be flexible, so I chose the cans since I like them and also since they are closed, meaning my sounds wont leak too much, and also it will shut out some noise from the surroundings(ie cafees and such.)

It is not the easiest, I am a fan of being at the same site as the others who work on the same project, as communication flows so much better, but the projects I am working on now feel like they can survive this, most of them I´ve worked with the people before, and got a good understanding of the games.


Anyways, now that I am home, I will not write more entries before I leave at the 27th of December. Untill then I will be posting the ones already written thou