Travels- Copenhagen

12 days later and I have done most of the dlc. I also got a tooth infection Friday evening on the 17th that rendered me incapable to do other biz than hanging out with joe, Julie, Dajana and Joon. For story on my tooth, check bottom of this post as its not essential to this blog;)

While here Dreamfall Chapters: Book 1 came out,  I had done some work on the audio but had to leave it to other to finish as I left to travel. Simon and Arild was up to the task in a stellar fashion so it went fine, and I got to focus instead on ATS during day and Sentree by Glitchnap at evenings, which we wanted done come IGF entry deadline.(its an indie game award thing, pretty cool) I recommend checking out the Sentree link, as the game is awesome, and the team consists of amazingly talented people that you should read up on:)

I lived with Joe and Julie Heyde and Joon which was awesome for this, definitely a warm home:)  Got a bed, then a room, then a deaf cat that me and Joe treated with the ol´ Good Cop-Bad Cop routine. The cat was from a friend and later I heard he had been most satisfied staying with us.

ATS dlc has been heavy on me since unity started getting more and more unstable. Friday and Saturday I could barely use it before it crashed and me and Bjørnar had to optimise some assets before it got back to working condition. Lesson to all of you; Always keep your game in tip top shape fellaws, makes the game easier to work on:)

So Saturday, Sunday I joined Joe to work and sat there from afternoon to night, interrupted only by food with Fredrik from Dirtybit who visited CPH with a lovely friend. Days have been late and much work, I have neither been drunk or partying also partly because of my ribs.  I went and visited Martin aka Rymdkapsel dude in malmø, we shared a falaffel, spoke about random stuff and went to a fancy party where I had a chat to one of the developers of Simogo and his girl. Had hoped to meet Niklas but the Swede eludes me.

I want to thank both Glitchnap and Knapnok and Unity for hosting me during work-hours, weekend and weekdays. Both for the space and for the conversations and friends I got to see again, a protip for anyone creative, Copenhagen is a really nice scene!

Oh! also for a bonus, I got to be in a sensual yoga video with the Xtodie crew , one step closer to being a rapper!
Next few days I’ll book Hong Kong, mail Friends, nail dlc and write talk for ATS since I will be going to Nottingham and Game City!  I had time to meet friends for coffe, old and new, and had a quick meetup with Tim who I am working on Progress with!

Rawk On!



Extra story: Tooth

So I want to tell you about my first sunday. Friday I had a tooth infection coming on. It was during the proper release of Laza Knitez on and I felt weird, heading home early. Saturday and Sunday the tooth was really weird and painful, and I was chewing Ibux like no tomorrow and sleeping the rest of the time, I ate soup. Soup is nice and do not need to be chewed. On sunday I found out there was a sort of dental clinic around Oslo Plass that was open late sunday, so I went over there. I was pretty dozy so I missed the stop, which was bad as the window of the clinic being open was only 1,5 hours. 50 minutes later I came back, and I had a hard time finding it, they were building the whole area, and there were a really weird way to get there.

When there I met a doctor with a mother from Ålesund, a Norwegian city. He insisted we speak norwegian and danish together since he could understand me, but I really wanted to speak english since I was worried I would miss some vital bits of information. Anyways they filed away a bit of my top tooth, and then gave me 4 shots of anti-infection stuff right into the infected area. As I stood up and started walking again, I noticed that the pain from it had busted up my ribs again, so from before, I could walk almost normally, I was back to snail pace. I wandered the streets of copenhagen in the night, finding my way to Dajanas place. She was awesome about it and berated me for being too horribly mained to be made fun of, which made me laugh and hurt more:P We went to a turkish kebab place where I watched her eat some good food, and then I went home. -End of Story-