Travels- Bergen

As i am getting on the plane from bergen to Copenhagen it strikes me how much has happened already on my trip.

Monday the 13th of October 2014 I got on the first train of many in the next 6 months, I will be travelling while working for an extended period of time covering Europe, Asia , Australia and California. The trip is the fruition of a 2 year long dream of taking a trip and seeing friends, creatives, cultures and also test my curiosity. I will mainly aim living around and with game developers and work alongside them to learn more about this fantastic creative force that’s at some sort of peak these days around experimental small independent games. I packed small and will travel light, and have an open heart and mind. There are those I leave behind, too many to comprehend that I will miss daily and dearly. I smile and miss them, sometimes its hard to see the love you have for those closest to you, until they are no longer in your daily life.

I got in the airport train, flex my shoulders to alleviate some tension and lo, outside the skies are welcoming me to a brand new day, in Bergen!.


Since going to Bergen I have worked on Krillbite DLC, first bit from abroad,  I’ve used the spare time to work with Dirtybit on a new game and visited rain games to sync up with the story and life of their new babe, World To The West, for me to be able to work on their project while traveling.

I have made sure before leaving Oslo that everyone that might be affected by me leaving  have been notified and brought in the loop. Also this trip started ironically with me having a fractured rib(the former tension in the shoulders), hello sleepless nights, but hell if I’m going to let it stop me.

It did make me cut a few things short thou, one of them being Rain-Games and sitting there for a day, also I was not that active at Konsoll, the cool yearly conference in Bergen. I ended up doing the minimum of Krillbite representation and just visited, hanging out, saying hi and goodbyes to dear friends.  I attended a gathering and met Lee from Double-Fine, which still does not seem real.

But anyways, with a fractured rib, I’m now stable for the moment and fragile, yet have surprised myself with how much I though would be tough, was not. I thank Fredrik at DirtyBit for having a bed for me, and for inviting me over, I thank Linn for inviting me to dinner and being a warm spirit, Runa for her careful hug and tears, RainGames for their understanding, RedThread for being really cool and Krillbite for their everything. My dad for the words by the car, my mom for her every loving gesture.

World… I’m coming , CPH rock it!