Gamecity, Cumbria, DLC and @edclef

As I am writing this, I am sitting in a car with Ed and Tamsin, on to walk a mountain and have a last day in Cumbria before Bristol and Samwell, this is exiting!

Since last post I landed in east midland airport and went to GameCity in Nottingham which was great:) I did some work on the dlc there but also had a talk about audio on Among The Sleep, cleverly called ATS: horror is for babies. There were familiar faces there: Ed, Joonas, Thorsten , Lorentzo, Dom, Djuro, Tuuka, Eirik, Rikke and Ste.  Talk went well and some work, a Halloween karaoke gig, Lobst3r, DJ Storno, talks about dolphin games, lunches, beers, events and many hugs and smiles, we said goodbye for this year.

Then me and Ed waited. We were at a cafe, I met a cool chick with the travelers lust, I vowed to tempt her into travelling as she seemed outward going and like she could fit on the road.
Then train to Cumbria and chats about life, games, train noises and impressions from GameCity.

Chatting with Ed about games is fun! He has a keen insight on games and a strong love for the medium. I showed him LittleBigMansion that me and Kris are working on, and he made some good suggestions. My ribs are better, but still notice them, want to start working out again so I can stay in shape and keep a sharp mind, tooth causes me worries as its a ticking bomb and I’m not sure when it may go off again.

At Cumbria I went work-mode for a few days, arrived Sunday and Monday I went to Kendal to work on ATS DLC. Server was down so I did what little I could. After that, we stayed out in the country, the place was lovely and the I got to care for Juniper bushes, we did a walkabout, birdwatching,  drinking in a local pub, we recorded wind and met curious locals. I also got to work on wttw for first time since getting on the project! The joy of working in Unity and seeing hooks for sounds popping up! I also met Jack, the local cat, which was a curious and strange fellow! Why is my travel life suddenly all about cats? Julies place in Copenhagen had one and now with Ed´s place! They seem to color the places to a great extent, and act more like they own their surroundings than dogs.

Kro, Mike and Bear will join me weekend after next, then trip to Trondheim 26th to teach students about game audio, Berlin on the 29th for cool ambient gig and Lasse. After that Berlin, work, and soon Norway with tooth and Xmas and friends. Idly wondering about when I will need a time for being alone and not be with people. Hopefully not for another month the least.

Otherwise, I´ll wash myself clean from the DLC and try to finish up FR2 till Monday when I want to be fresh for Krillbites new project.  Netherlands will be good I think. I also planned most of the rest of my European leg, bought tickets, and did a headcount of the projects I got now. Woah too many maybe, I hope they spread out well and don’t get into crunch at the same time. Rest of this year, miss friends, make new, see old, Kris, secret Krillbite project, Sentree from December!


Let’s do this!